Add that extra Sparkle with our dancers...

At STARLIGHT we pride ourselves on hand picking our high quality dancers from around the globe, countries including: Australia, New Zealand, USA, England, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. 


Our STARLIGHT dancers are trained in any/all facests of dance, with this our dancers are very versatile/diverse and are ready to take on any challenge.


Our high quality dancers are available for any event, dinner show, variety show, cruise line, touring shows etc


We represent numerous dance couples/ groups including: Aboriginal indigenous group, Flamenco group, burlesque dance group and ballroom dance couples. 

conny - manila casino
madison - principle
adrian & laura
lewis - royal palace
Libra - star cruises
ivan - Virgo star cruises
Blonde bombshells
Manila resort
Jessica - principle role - turkey
Siobhan - Libra cruises
Ballroom couple - Laura & Adrian
Star cruises


STARLIGHT also represents a pre made showgirl group "La Bouche Showgirls" the group of showgirls was originally created for the concept show "la bouche- ohlalatheshow" (press link for more info) Our fabulous showgirls are ready to wow and dazzle the cliental at your next conference, show or special event.


“Be prepared to be entertained by their unique & modern choreography, sensual & fun costumes and last but not least....their sassy, sexy & friendly La Bouche 



For more information, feel free to take a look at their website: 


To have these showgirls at your next event, be sure to enquire below.

“Be prepared to be

entertained by our 

unique & modern choreography,

sensual &

fun costumes and last

but not least....our

sassy, beautiful & friendly

La Bouche 


shake it off
shake it off
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found love